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Pro Shop Merchandise

Racquets/ Demos
As a Wilson Advisory Staff Dealer, we have and receive the latest in Wilson racquets and strings before the so-called "authorities." If you see or hear of something new, come in to QOSTC to check it out first! In addition, we offer demo racquets for on-site use plus you can demo a racquet away from the club for $7.00 per day and that demo "credit" will be used toward your purchase!

QOSTC Pro Shop is an exclusive Wilson dealer and we can also order from the following companies: Luxilon, Prince, Gamma,  Babolat,  Ashaway, Technifibre, Forten, Yonex, Dunlop, Solinco,  Head,  Kirschbaum, Mantis and Touina.



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Wilson Exclusive Racquet Sports Dealer
2018 Performance Racquets

All Courter



PRO Staff RF 97 AUTO


Ultra Tour




PRO Staff  97L CV


Ultra 100 CV




PRO Staff  97 CV


Ultra 100 L




PRO Staff  97 LS


Ultra 100 UL




BLADE 104 CV SW Auto


Ultra 105s CV


Burn Team $99

BLADE 98  (18 X 20) CV


Ultra 110



BLADE 98 S (18 x 16) CV



BLADE 98  (16x19) CV


XP 1 $299

BLADE 98L (16 X 19)


TRIAD XP 3 $279



TRIAD XP 5 $279

All prices include racquet racquets and initial stringing with “Wilson Synthetic Gut Power” string. For a high end upgrade request a $14.00 extra charge for “Luxilon” (durability/power), or “NXT” (feel/soft playability) or choose a control string for a $5.00 upgrade "Sensation Control 16.  All QOSTC Pro Shop racquets are strung by a racquet technician on the best stringing machine in the world "BAIARDO" and include a full manufacturer's warranty.  Purchase 2 racquets at the same time subtract $10.00 from each racquet or upgrade string included.



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Wilson Strings 2018

In Stock String (Labor included)

String and Grip Special  (One set Synthetic Gut Power
16 or 17 plus Performance Replacement Grip)

$ 36.99

Supply your own string (labor only)

$ 19.99

Wilson Synthetic Gut 15L (white)

$ 24.99

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power 16 or 17 (black, white)

$ 29.99

Wilson Revolve 16 (white, orange, black)

$ 34.99

Wilson Revolve 16 Spin (green)

$ 35.99

Wilson Sensation Control 16 (natural)

$ 36.99

Wilson NXT Comfort 16 or 17 (natural, black)

$ 43.99

Wilson NXT Power 16 or 17 (natural)

$ 47.99

Wilson Champion’s Choice Duo 16 (natural)

$ 64.99

Wilson Natural Gut 16 (natural)

$ 79.99

Luxilon Adrenaline 125 (Platinum)

$ 34.99

Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 127 Spin (silver)

$ 35.99

Luxilon Element or Element Rough 125 (copper)

$ 40.99

Luxilon ALU Power 125 (silver)

$ 41.99

Luxilon 4G 125 (gold)

$ 42.99

For stringing questions and info on “CLOSEOUT” strings,
 contact Chris.qostc@gmail.com

tennisBallStringing completed in 2 days
tennisBall”Next Day Rush” additional $5.00 charge
tennisBall”Same Day Rush” additional $10.00 charge


QOSTC Pro Shop is an exclusive
Wilson dealer.
Wilson Sporting Goods also owns Luxilon.  Luxilon strings are used by 71% of top 100 men and 51% of the top 100 women touring professionals worldwide! ALU Power 125 is the most used on string on the WTA and ATP.

Order your own inventory (usually in Packs of 6 or 12 sets) of string from Brian Fankhauser, Pro Shop Manager, at dealer cost then only pay $19.99  to have your racquet strung. Contact Brian: brian.qostc@gmail.com



Fourteen Wilson stringing machines were used exclusively in the "Stringing Room" at the 2012 US OPEN stringing hundred and hundreds of racquets used by Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, Victoria Azarenka, and on down through the men's and women's draws.

Through our special relationship with Wilson Racquet Sports Quince Orchard was given the opportunity to purchase one of those very special machines used through the quarter finals.

It left the Stringing Room and was shipped directly to Quince Orchard (one of only two in Maryland) and is now set up and ready for YOUR racquet!!

Obviously, with tennis history, legendary matches to be replayed for decades, and millions of dollars on the line the stringing machine chosen to "weaponize" players' racquets had to be the ABSOLUTE BEST ON THE MARKET.....and we have it at QOSTC Pro Shop.

Click here to watch video

The Most Commonly Asked Stringing Questions

Below are customizing services which are available through
the QOSTC Pro Shop:

* Custom racquet fitting
* Hybrid Stringing
* Grip Replacement
* Balance and weight adjustment
* Grip repairs and build ups
* Custom Stenciling
* Headguard and Grommet replacement

View the latest in Wilson tennis racquets

View string & grips

Stringing Policies

Stringing is usually completed in 2 days.
 "Rush" additional $5.00 charge for next day service.
Note RUSH due date and time of drop off and pick up for
special time request orders.  Customer is not
to leave racquet cover or bag. Phone numbers
on order form are critical. We have record
of every restringing through QOSTC Pro Shop.

QOSTC Pro Shop is an Exclusive Wilson dealer. Wilson Sporting Goods also owns Luxilon.  Luxilon strings are used by over 50 percent of the top 100 men and women touring professionals worldwide!



Not your head!
Your racquet headguard might take abuse due to agressive play.
If it gets ever close to this amount of damage, racquet could crack prematurely.


Have one of our racquet technicians replace your damaged headguard with our "Headguarad/Grommet Kit" $19.99, non wilson racquet "Headguarad/Grommet Kit" $24.99 + applicable stringing service cost. Please allow 2-3 days service for Wilson racquets and 4-5 days service for non-wilson racquets (we might have to special order/ship headguard).


Finished product. Looks and plays like a new racquet!


No matter how awesome your car, if you have bald tires your control will be diminished. Same with your grip. Have QOSTC install a new grip to keep up with your awesome racquet and string technology.



Double Trouble
Sad if your grips look like this!


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QOSTC Pro Shop Services

Grip Replacement (Grip included)


Wilson Grommet/Head Guard Replacement (plus cost of restringing)


Customer provides own Grommet/Head Guard Replacement

Non Wilson Gromment/Head Guard Replacement (plus cost of restringing)


Customer provides own Grommet/Head Guard Replacement

Grip Build Up (new replacement grip included)


Weight and Balance Adjustment (includes weights)


Wilson replacement Grip installation (If purchased at QOSTC)


Any replacement Grip installation (purchased elsewhere)


Wilson Overgrip Installation (purchased at QOSTC)


Any Overgrip installation (purchased elsewhere)


Wilson Custom Red “W Stencil” (with QOSTC re-stringing)



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Tennis Merchandise
US Open Tennis Balls (per can)
$ 3.99
Replacement Grip
$ 9.99
High Performance Grip
$ 11.99
Over Grip (three pack)
$ 4.99
Double Wristbnds or Big “W”
$ 3.99
Performance Headband
$ 2.99
US Open Key Chain
$ 2.99
ProFeel II Shock Vibration Dampeners
$ 2.99
Water Bottle
$ 2.99
Tour or “W” Hat
$ 12.99
“W” Socks
$ 5.99
Federer or Venus/Serena Junior Racquet
$ 24.99
Gamma Tennis Trainer
$ 10.99
QOSTC.com Team T-shirt
$ 12.99
Jumbo Tennis Ball
$ 29.99
Tennis Posters
$ 1.99


RF Roger Federer
Limited Edition
Metal 4 Ball Can

Great Gift Idea!

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Tennis Shoes


Serious tennis players deserve quality shoes. At QOSTC Pro Shop, we offer select performance footwear at a competitive price. If we do not have the style of shoe you are looking for in stock, we can 2-day special order.

View the latest tennis shoes (men/women/junior)

wilson adult shoes
Wilson Adult Tennis Shoes


wilson jr tennis shoes
Wilson Junior Tennis Shoes


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Tennis Apparel

QOSTC Pro Shop can order your tennis apparel
Up to 30% off (SRP dealer price)

Tennis apparel order form (pdf file)

Return item(s) within 30 days from purchase date, unused in resellable condition
for refund (minus 20% of purchase price)




Apparel1    apparel2


Click here to view latest Apparel


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Tennis Bags

tourRed fedeererTeam
Tour Red 15 Pack
Federer Team 12 Pack
Agency 9 Pack


Great gift idea. We can 2-day express any bag to fit your style.

Click here to view the latest tennis bags




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Bolle eyewear

QOSTC is an authorized Bolle eyewear dealer.
We can 2-day express any tennis specific eyewear.



Visit Bolle eyewear to customize your peformance eyewear,
then call Brian Fankhauser at 301-948-3116 ext. 14
to place order at Advertised Discount Price !



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•  What makes QOSTC stringing machine special? QOSTC’s“baiardo”machine is the absolute best on the market and is used at most of the top ATP/WTA events in the world. QOSTC’s machine came from the “Stringers Room” at the 2012 US OPEN!

•  Why do my new strings move around so much? New stringswill have a tendency to move more than slightly used strings that are notched. The amount of grommets and their density determines the movement of the string.

•  Why do my outside main strings seem loose? There is a lack of friction against the outer most main string because there is no cross string holding it in place.

•  Why have I never broken a string? Players who hit with a squared racquet face (flat with little spin) do not cause string movement (friction) so they rarely break a string unless they severely miss hit the ball.

•  Why do I always break strings? Excessive friction caused by topspin or slice will cause the string to notch. Eventually, the cross string will grind through the main string and it will break. In some racquets the grommet/headguard is damaged and the string is rubbing against the frame or against the ground, which causes premature breakage.

•  What tension should I use? The higher the tension generally means more control and lower tension means more power (sacrificing control).

•  What gauge of string should I use? The “string breaker” should use a larger diameter of string (15L or 16 gauge). 16 gauge is the market standard and is strung in most new performance racquets. The non-string breaker should use the thinner string such as 17 gauge for more control.

•  What string do you recommend for playability or durability? Wilson NXT 16 or 17 (which is the closest to natural gut and is the #1 rated synthetic in the world) or Wilson Sensation Control 16 for playability and for more durability with power and feel, request Luxilon. Wilson owns the USA distribution of this highest quality polyester string “Luxilon” of which QOSTC proshop carries many options. 50% of the top 100 Touring Pro’s use Luxilon!

•  When do I need my racquet re-strung? If you play once a week, restring once a year. If you play twice a week, restring twice a year, and so on. This is the minimum standard recommended by the USRSA and is affected by the amount of spin and power plus climate changes.

•  What is the best overall restringing value? Wilson Synthetic Gut Power, which is part of the Pro Shop “string and grip special.”

•  Why is there a Pro Shop label on my racquet? It lists the name of string, tension, gauge, completion date and the date when the racquet should be restrung. We do record all stringing information for your next service.

•  Do vibration dampeners really work? Sports science studies have proven that dampeners do not reduce shock or vibration that causes arm fatigue/tennis elbow. They do change the sound and the duration of the noise upon impact which most players agree feels more comfortable.

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